Workhorse™ v10+ leverages industry best practices for clients including, Sears, JC Penney, Footlocker, QuadPhoto, Schawk Retail Marketing, Straub Collaborative and others. Best practices include Global Sample Tracking, Event Production 3.0, and enhanced File Automation.


Global Sample Tracking

  • Product information is ingested from product master or other datasource
  • Samples are ordered automatically by Workhorse
  • Workhorse Vendor Escalation manages sample orders, and delivery status
  • Samples are tracked through real time integration with FEDEX, UPS, DHL
  • Physical samples are tracked and bar-coded within Workhorse
  • Products are assigned to one or many shots/projects

Event Production 3.0

  • Dynamic event creation and task level management
  • Automated integration of event, shot and sample management
  • Event publishing accelerated via automated file management
  • 100% process visibility from merchant/vendor to DAM

File Monitor Automation

  • Digital records are managed, synchronized and routed based on client defined business rules
  • Image records travel through creation, post-production, publishing based on variable tables
  • Image and production status is reported and updated automatically

Data Aggregation

  • Information is communicated via XML-Web Services, import, export, and automated action
  • Data can be aggregated and distributed from/to multiple sources in multiple formats
  • Data can be normalized and refined as part of ingestion process
  • Data can be associated with jobs, images, products, copies, schedules, etc

Content Management

  • Complex or simple search is user defined based on any data elements
  • Reports are configurable or formatted as data driven PDFs
  • Current, future and past activity is available online
  • Content reporting can be restricted by view/security

Workflow Visibility

  • Real time visibility is presented in calendar, milestone, and user specific views
  • Internal associates and External vendors collaborate on all aspects of project online
  • Configurable workflow templates manage activity at the task/project level
  • Deadlines are published at the task level by user defined business rules

WorkhorseViews™ – Configuration

  • User interface configurable for each stakeholder group
  • Project and element views can be restricted to each brand/client/group
  • Small or large groups of individuals are easily managed based on role/project/view
  • Multi channel workflows are managed concurrently